新聞に出た!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

You remember *THIS* post about my team and I visiting the governor of Ishikawa? Well a few days later, the news of our arrival broke out and we were featured in not one, but two newspapers (with full-colour pictures and all)!

Newspaper clipping #1: Caption reads: “抱負を話すアシュレーマリさん左ら=県庁で”

Caption reads: “抱負を話すアシュレーマリさん左ら=県庁で” -> “On the left, Ashley talks about ‘aspirations’ at the prefectural office”.

It’s true my speech talked a lot about our hopes and aspirations while in Kanazawa, I’m happy that information came through clearly to my audience ^^

Newspaper clipping #2

Exciting event for my team and I ^_^ We were quite excited to find out that we had been printed in two newspapers upon our arrival in Kanazawa. Maybe this will suddenly propel us into the limelight and Japanese stardom? hahaha!

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