Day 9 (part 1): Off To The Beach!

Our two-day trip finally begins!

We knew back in Canada that we were going to have a weekend trip with the school to an island off of mainland Ishikawa. We were really excited to do this activity and when the day came, we were like a group of giddy 5 year old.


Photo-ception with Arnoux, and a bus full of giddy gaijins

We set out early in the morning equipped with coffee and tea for the girls and beer for the boys (we had a long drive ahead). Again, we were paired with the American team from Washington U and were being accompanied by 2 staff members and the American’s teacher from Washington.

Our first sightseeing stop on the list was the beach! Unfortunately, it was extremely cold and windy so we couldn’t enjoy it as much as we would have liked. I was still determined however to make the best out of it.

The bus went on this really cool beach road made especially for vehicles. The beach driveway was really awesome, we were driving so close to the ocean it was quite exciting seeing the waves come up close to the bus.


“Beach Driveway”


The sandy road ahead, complete with an oncoming bus!

After getting off of the beach road, we went to a rest stop area where we were allowed to get off the bus and go to the ocean front. There was an adorable shop that sold all kinds of local goods like freshly caught seafood and fish, as well as salt cake and various sweets.

The weather was progressively getting better so we could enjoy a nice blue sky above the ocean. There were sand sculptures as well, featuring anime characters and Western ones too.


One Piece sandcastle


Minnie and Mickey were also invited to the sand party

Sophie and I went excitedly searching for seashells (because we both enjoy acting like kids). We had so much fun combing the waterfront from shells and starfish.


Collecting seashells

Being a shell enthusiast, I had lots of fun trying to find some new ones to add to my collection back home. We managed to each find a starfish as well, but because I felt bad for the little creatures (yes, even though they were dead), I convinced my friends to put them back in the sand.


After playing around on the beach collections seashells, writing our names in the sand and dunking our hands into the freezing cold ocean water, we gave the beach one last look and got back on the bus for our next attraction.


Goodbye ocean!

Next stop: Miyojo-ji, a beautiful ancestral shrine lost in the mountains on Noto island.

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