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Day 10 (part 1): Breakfast at the Ryokan

After the crazy night we had had, waking up was surprisingly easy (I guess I was motivated by all the sightseeing planned out for us). I tried going back to my room to get my clothes/suitcase but I was still locked out of it. After making my rounds (haha makes me sound like a doctor) and waking the other rooms and making sure they were ready to go, I went to mine lastly and gloriously rapped on the door. Oh, the lovely sound reverberated through the hall and I heard through the door my “room mates” scurry around and bump into things trying to get to the door. Ha, that will learn ’em of locking me out of my own room!

After I got my things back from the room, I returned to the guys’ room where the other half of my stuff was still lying around. When all was nicely packed and I was ready to go, I went downstairs for breakfast.


The boys feeling slightly annoyed a having their picture taken in the morning…

Finally, we had a normal meal (well, normal in Japanese standards). We had cooked fish (yay!), tamagoyaki (sweet egg omelette), rice, a selection of pickled veggies and miso. Honestly, it was delicious. I could see myself eating that every morning.


Japanese-style breakfast. Yummy!

Our American counterparts were late arriving to the dining hall … I guess waking up wasn’t as easy for them ^^; In the meantime, I had fun taking pictures of my reluctant friends (they kept calling me annoying and photo-crazy haha~ in a loving way though ♥ )

After breakfast we still had some time on our hands, so a few of us went for a walk outside and explored the grounds for a while. We found a nice Japanese-style pathway that spread across a field of irises and marshland, and that led to a beautiful private lake on the resort.


Pathway zigzagging through thousands of irises


Field of wild irises


So pretty!


The lake behind the hotel


Red clay around the edges of the lake

We left for the bus around 8a.m. for our adventures at the marketplace. As the bus pulled away from the hotel, I felt bad for misjudging it when we first came, and regretted we were leaving so soon. It would have been nice to stay another night or two.

If ever I go back to Noto, I know where I’ll be staying!

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