Japan To-Do List

Hello and welcome to my Japan to-do list filled with various Japan-related activities I would like to accomplish over time. Things that are struck out from the list have (obviously) been accomplished already. Items in bold font are things that I’m working on at the moment. Sometimes certain list items will link to other blog postings about the matter so that you can read all about my love (or hate) of said activity. Enjoy! =^_^=


  1. Support the Tohoku Earthquake relief efforts
  2. Participate in the Beginner Category (Speech contest 2012)
  3. Participate in the Intermediate Category (speech contest 2013) Read Here
  4. Participate in the Advance Category (speech contest 2014)
  5. Visit Sky Tree
  6. Visit Tokyo Tower
  7. Visit Kinkaku-ji
  8. Visit Ginkaku-ji
  9. See a Live Concert in Japan
  10. Go to an onsen
  11. Go to a sento
  12. Visit Shibuya
  13. Visit Shinjuku
  14. Visit Ginza
  15. Visit Asakusa
  16. Visit Ningyo-cho
  17. Visit Akihabara
  18. Visit Odaiba
  19. Visit Harajuku
  20. Eat okonomiyaki in Osaka
  21. Do horseback riding in Hokkaido
  22. Go to Yokohama
  23. Go to Kamakura
  24. Go to the dinosaur museum in Fukui-ken
  25. Go to the Pokémon Center (Tokyo & Osaka)
  26. Wear a kimono
  27. Wear a yukata
  28. Do tea ceremony
  29. Learn kyudo
  30. Learn taiko
  31. Learn kendo
  32. Learn all 1945 kanji (current number: ±400)
  33. See a baseball game
  34. Attend sports day in a school
  35. Be part of a matsuri
  36. Climb Mount Fuji
  37. Go to Hiroshima
  38. Learn Kansai dialect
  39. Go see a Hanami
  40. Pray at a temple
  41. Buy an omikuji (fortune paper) and get “Excellent Fortune”
  42. Ride the shinkansen
  43. Go to Okinawa
  44. Read a Murakami Haruki novel in Japanese
  45. Play video games in original Japanese
  46. Stay at a ryokan
  47. Swim in the Pacific Ocean
  48. Swim in the Sea of Japan
  49. See Japanese hanabi (fireworks)
  50. Make combini hanabi on the side of the beach

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