Things That Define Japan

Things That Define Japan

Japan is a wonderful country, filled with beautiful things to see on every street corner. Whether it be the blazing neon lights in Akihabara, or rows upon rows of rice fields, Japanese culture is a perfect blend of all things modern and ancient. In this post, I want to define things that, in my opinion, … Continue reading

Japan / Temples & Shrines

Day 1: 「成田市」 Visiting a temple in Narita

My afternoon was spent admiring my very first Buddhist temple in Japan: 成田山新勝寺(Narita-san shinsho-ji) or Mount Narita temple of the New Victory. The town of Narita is obviously most well-known for its international airport however, this jewel set in the middle of a splendid mountain makes you forget instantaneously that you are 30 mins away … Continue reading