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Photo: Kenrokuen Botanical Gardens

兼六園 Kenrokuen is Ishikawa Prefecture’s most prized garden, and is one of the country’s Three Great Gardens. Having had the opportunity to visit this amazing location, I snapped close to 200 photos and, combined with my friends’ collections, the grand total comes up to around 1500 pictures.

We went there on May 8th, right after the blooming period for sakura Cherry Trees, and a little bit too early to see the thousands of irises that usually cover the garden. However, we were right on time for the azaleas of all varieties and colours. Like most Japanese gardens, one must return often to see its beauty in all of its seasons. Autumn for example is spectacular with its array of multicoloured leaves, and winter offers a tranquil garden covered in soft snow.

Here is a small selection of my best (and favourite) photographs from the Kenrokuen gardens.

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